2019 was a breakout year for Woven and we wanted to reflect on what’s all happened this year.

Our mission at Woven is to help people spend time on what matters most, and the new year is an opportunity for us all to briefly look back at how we’re spending time.


Woven 2019

Did you know, that last year our users scheduled over 60 thousand events with us and through this, we helped save almost half a million minutes?! And we’re just beginning.

A few insights we’ve found as part of our time expertise


2019 Woven Year In Review

Recurring Events Are A Big Deal

13% of all events are recurring events.

…but they make up for 54% of all scheduled time!

Last Minute Meetings

Most people schedule events with minimal notice.

33% are scheduled within a day of them taking place!

Rise & Shine

Most meetings happen around late morning.

If you want uninterrupted quiet time – get up early!

These are some of the insights we’re seeing at Woven across all of our time – but one of the most helpful tools Woven offers is the ability to see how you spend your time with Woven Analytics & Insights.

In the mobile app, not only can you see your real-time analytics – but this year we also launched personalized year-in-reviews – so you can see exactly how you’re spending your most valuable resource – your time. If you want to see yours up close – check your email!

A few other highlights that happened this year that we’re glad we spent time on in 2019.

New Features Galore!

In 2019, we committed to building out a ton of amazing and useful time-saving features including Group Polls, Mobile Scheduling Links (this still gets us excited), and laid the groundwork for a whole bunch of exciting stuff in Q1 2020!

Product Hunt Launch

In September, we launched on Product Hunt. We were the #4 product of the day and got a flood of new users. We’re excited with the response got from the Product Hunt community and can’t wait to share the next big reveal with them soon!

Woven Calendar 2.0 - Smart calendar with Scheduling Links and Group Polls | Product Hunt Embed



Our Product Hunt Submission

Rave Reviews in 2019

As the Woven community has grown, we’ve gotten a flood of new fans. Here’s some of the nicest things people have said about us:

What’s Coming in 2020

2020 is not just a brand new year, but a brand new decade! There’s a lot of awesome new things we’re working on to help you save even more time this next year.

  • Zoom Integration
  • Office 365 Integration

There’s a lot more on the way as we focus on making Woven the best tool on all of your devices to help you make time for what matters most.

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