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Many people have said many things about 2020, but at Woven, we were curious what their calendars would say about this past year.

We heard many anecdotes about how people’s lives changed and looked at trends in our data to see if what we heard was true. Check out the infographic below to see how our patterns of interaction, including travel, videoconferencing, and more changed in 2020.

Travel is down, big time

From March 2020 to today, 50% of people stopped traveling entirely

Travel time for events is 30% shorter, with 60% fewer events requiring travel overall

Videoconferencing is how we work now

From March until today, events using videoconferencing were up 110% (BTW, you’re on mute).

Time spent on videoconferencing is up over 36% over the same period of time.

The distributed work environment has affected us in other ways too

Without on-the-fly, in-office touch-points, meetings were up 24% overall in 2020

We are relying more heavily on routine and recurring meetings, which accounted for 40% of all events (versus 30% pre-pandemic)

Meetings with four or more attendees are up 39% as we schedule more large meetings for team coordination

Meetings have become shorter to replace quick office check-ins:

  • Meetings shorter than 30 minutes are up 30%
  • 30-minute meetings are up 25%
  • 60-minute meetings are down 8%
  • Meetings longer than 60 minutes are down a full 44%

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