On January 1 we start a new year, and a new decade. The twenty-twenties. 

Kicking off a new decade, full of possibilities and opportunities, can be either exhilarating or harrowing, depending on your perspective. 

Here are four simple steps that will raise your productivity bar for the year and decade ahead.

Step 1: Reflect to reboot.
Carve out a couple hours of thinking time. Find a quiet place and consider YOU. What did you accomplish in 2019? What projects didn’t get done? Where do you want to be at the end of 2020? At the beginning of 2030? Jot down a few concrete, attainable goals for the year ahead. And, set a few for the decade too.

Step 2:  What’s holding you back?
Answer this question: what’s the one thing holding you back from attaining your goals? The only way to break through a self-imposed boundary is to acknowledge and identify the culprit. Write it down. Own it. Slay it.

Step 3:  What’s in your stack?
Improve your productivity by upleveling your tools.

Do an assessment of your productivity stack to ensure you’re using the latest, and greatest.

Here are two of our favorite productivity app resources: KeepProductive, Francesco d’Alessio can’t be beat for the latest insights and instruction; and we love Mike Vardy and his Productivityist podcast. 

Step 4:  Time flies. Modernize your calendar. 

Get intentional about how you plan, manage and spend your time. 

Take advantage of what’s new and  become a scheduling ninja.

Are you using scheduling links to eliminate email back and forth? 

Is your calendar mobile and available anywhere, anytime?

Can you easily spin-up group polls to plan group and family events?

Today’s modern calendars can do all the above, and more. 

It’s time to adopt a calendar that will take you where you want to go in 2020. 

Try Woven Calendar today. 

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