Do you take time to revise and reflect on the allotted time on your calendar? In this video, Nir discusses the importance of conducting a weekly review and how to go about doing one regularly.

Becoming Indistractable: How to Do a Weekly Review

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Nir Eyal:

One of the most important things you can put on your calendar is time to revise and reflect upon your schedule.

Nir Eyal:

In my calendar every week on Sunday night I have 15 minutes to revise my calendar for the week ahead, in which case I look at my calendar for that week ahead and make sure that I can change the calendar so that it becomes easier to follow.

Nir Eyal:

I’ll make more time for tasks that I know will require time based on last week’s experience, or I’ll take away time from tasks that I allotted too much time for.

Nir Eyal:

This regular process of sitting down and reflecting upon your calendar and revising it accordingly can help you make sure that you stay on task.

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