We’ve been quiet, but we’ve also been hard at work on some exciting changes with Woven.  We’re thrilled to announce several new features for Woven which make it by far the most intelligent calendar in the market.  

Here’s a brief summary of the changes that are coming over the next couple of weeks.

New Mobile UIWe’ve completely re-vamped the user interface of our mobile application on iOS. Based around a new modular UI, Woven Events are now both easier to read and use, but support easily attaching information to them.  These capabilities will be the basis of a number of exciting new changes in the future.

The new Mobile UI has already been released!  Check it out here.

Introducing TemplatesWoven now supports Templates!  Templates are pre-defined meetings that you can use to quickly create new events.  With Templates you can create even the most complex meetings in just a few clicks.  Templates also support Availability windows.  You can instruct Woven when a meeting based on that template should be scheduled.  For example – you might want to do certain meetings just on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the afternoon – or Lunch meetings just from 12 to 1pm.  

Templates will be launching for web shortly.

More to comeIn addition to these changes, there are several other major changes to Woven we will be rolling out over the next couple of weeks.  These include:

  • New ways to easily and securely share availability with others
  • Scheduling Links to allow others to schedule or request time with you quickly and easily
  • A brand new UI for Web
  • A desktop app for Mac and Windows
  • And more…

Stay tuned here for further updates and keep the feedback coming!

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