One great thing about blank calendars is that they represent promise and a fresh start. For example, a blank calendar may soon be filled with exciting events for a new year, or be decorated with colors to signify project due dates and when new hires start working. Whether you use calendars for personal or professional purposes (or both), it can be fun to think of a blank calendar as a creative project. An art project, even, where your ideas run loose.

How to Use a Blank Calendar

A blank calendar, whether paper or electronic, is just waiting for you to customize it. Here are some ideas for personal, household and business use:

Personal Use

  • Stay on top of birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and other big events
  • Use daily, weekly or monthly quotes for inspiration (the same idea applies to writing prompts, drawing prompts and the like)
  • Track meals, exercise routines, books you read, creative projects you completed or other things
  • Monitor to-do lists such as chores

Household Use

  • Coordinate doctors’ appointments, trips, school meetings, sporting events and much more
  • Have reminders sent about these events
  • Deploy color coding to differentiate people and/or event types
  • Track household chores
  • Set up date nights

Business Use

  • See critical data at a glance (vendor meetings, when performance reviews start,
  • Set up meetings
  • Develop shift schedules and other types of employee work schedules
  • See when your colleagues have meetings
  • Signal your availability for meetings and appointments (and see your co-workers’ available times)
  • Track daily, weekly or monthly goals, whether yours or employees’
  • Post key dates such as payday and when the office is closed
  • Set reminders for employees about important dates and events
  • Create a daily checklist
  • Set goals and timelines
  • Track how much time you spend on work or on what projects

Kind of makes you want to run out and start lots of calendars! And, hey, more power to you if that is the case. Of course, it is possible to combine all of these uses into one calendar. Some people prefer to separate these aspects of their lives, while others enjoy everything being in one place.

Using Calendar Templates on a Blank Calendar

Knowing the purpose of your currently blank calendar helps you choose the right template or type of calendar. For example, at Woven, powerful scheduling is one of our top features. Companies and employees like that they can:

  • Set templates for common meeting types (coffee shop meetings, sales meetings, client consultations, etc.)
  • Prefill meeting information with default data such as time, location and purpose
  • Use public scheduling links for direct scheduling and to show the times you’re available
  • Sync the calendars with their Google accounts
  • Plan trips and receives time zone support

The travel planning feature even lets you choose transportation types. Suppose you are planning a trip for several employees. You have many tools at your fingertips for their trip to go as smoothly as possible. If you want a calendar for business use with an emphasis on collaboration, Woven could easily fit the bill.

Getting a Blank Calendar

So, how do you get a blank calendar, anyway?  A Google search brings up plenty of printable templates, so that is one way to get started. For electronic calendars, it may be easier than you think. One approach is to use your desktop computer to access your Google account. Open your existing calendars, and find “Other Calendars” down the left side of the screen. Click on the plus (+) sign, and a few options pop up. One is to create a new calendar. You can then type the calendar name, description and time zone. If you would like to import information from other calendars, you can do that next.

Google Docs also enables you to create blank calendars. The basic process is that you create a document, name it and insert a table. Size it to fit the time frame you want. It could be a week, month, year or even decade. This method can get fun fast since you can change fonts, text colors and add touches such as bold type and italics. A third option is Google Sheets. Start a calendar from scratch, or choose a template such as meal planner or shift work. This approach is excellent if you need a highly specific calendar.

It’s easy to get started with Woven, too. Go to the sign-in page and connect to the Google account the calendar is under. You undergo a brief tutorial on smart templates and can quickly create your own. At this time, you get the link to download the Woven iOS app as well. There is also a desktop app. Outlook, Apple and other services offer blank calendars if you prefer another provider.

Often, it is straightforward to print electronic calendars. You usually just have to press Ctrl + P or go to “File” and then “Print.” Otherwise, go into your specific print options. Remember to adjust for font and paper orientation.

Populating the Calendar

There comes a time when blank calendars get called into work. They’ve teased you with their promise, and now it’s time for you to put them to use. Do these things:

  • Enter important information. You can do the most critical first or just plan the following week or month until you have time to do the rest of the year.
  • Set your calendar to match your reality. Perhaps you work nontraditional days and have Tuesdays and Wednesdays as your weekends. Customize the calendar to reflect this, if you like.
  • Color code for each purpose or theme. For example, purple could represent client meetings, while green represents the time you block out to work on presentations.
  • Upload pictures or images if you want and if the calendar type allows.
  • Set your preferred view (daily, monthly, yearly, etc.)

Take Advantage of Woven Calendars

Woven calendars are popular for business use, particularly in collaborative offices. Tasks such as scheduling meetings, planning trips and signaling your availability are easier than ever. Busy households could benefit greatly from the calendars, too. Sign up to take advantage of many powerful scheduling features.

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