Studies show that the average professional spends almost five hours a week scheduling meetings. This translates to nearly 20 hours per month, or a whopping 240 hours or six total work weeks per year. That’s an enormous amount of time spent on an activity that tends to be frustrating and non-productive.

One way to dramatically minimize scheduling time is to ‘do-it-now’. In the ‘do-it-now’ world, you schedule meetings in real-time, at the very moment of request and on-the-fly when the idea hits you. In this world, you don’t wait to get back to your desk to set-up the meeting, and you don’t put the scheduling need on your ‘to-do’ list and wait to find a time to action the meeting.

Instead, you take care of scheduling the meeting right then and there; wherever you happen to be.

But, wait, some of my meetings are very complex; they involve multiple people and I may or may not know their availability. I need to send an email first to determine a timeframe for the meeting.

Well, all these things used to be true. But, today, thanks to smarter productivity tools, there are new ways to schedule that remove these barriers to real-time scheduling.  

Some of these include:

  1. Use your phone to schedule. Yes, that’s right. Mobile scheduling is faster and more elegant than ever, making it a no-brainer to schedule your meetings as soon as you hear about the need. No longer do you need to be at your desk. Instead, download a mobile scheduling app and initiate a meeting or schedule a requested meeting in real-time.
  2. A new generation of scheduling links. A big deterrent to real-time scheduling is the inability to know when someone is available. This problem is what creates those endless rounds of scheduling emails. Much of this email back and forth can be avoided with calendar link tools. And, now there is a new generation of scheduling link capability that is fully integrated into the calendar, so there is no need to manage, or pay for, a separate tool. These new links are powerful, smart and easy to set-up and manage, for both single-use events and for published event scheduling.
  3. Confidently share your free/busy with those you schedule with most. Finding suitable meeting times across calendars is the biggest pain point to scheduling. Now there is a fast, secure way to eliminate scheduling emails entirely and privately exchange your free/busy with those you schedule most with.
  4. Use text to schedule. One of the most exciting developments in real-time scheduling is the ability to set-up a meeting without leaving your text thread. This is made possible by fully integrated support for iMessage, much like Woven Calendar for iOS has done.

Learn how to make the most of your time with Woven calendar. Eliminate email back and forth, schedule in real-time from your iOS device, confidently share your free/busy. Learn more about Woven here.

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