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When Burc and I started Woven, we had a simple mission – to help people spend time on what matters most.  At its core, the mission is about helping people to make productive use of their time, something we always strived to make broad and meaningful. 

We sought to accomplish this mission by changing how people use one of the most important tools in the productivity suite – the calendar.  We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished.  Woven became the most powerful calendar on the market.  Our technology preserves what Google and Microsoft are best at, while addressing many of the problems with time that they left unsolved. In the 2+ years following our launch, Woven has scheduled over 2.2 million events and saved our users over 10 million minutes.  We’ve helped our users make sense of over 250 million events across over 40 million people.

Our mission has always been a very ambitious one. Yet as exciting as our progress has been, Burc and I decided that our pace wasn’t  fast enough to achieve our mission with the current business.  This is what led to the decision to discontinue Woven and to make some big changes

Our team has always been our greatest strength.  We have a fantastic and diverse group of professionals who have loved working together.  Today, that team is becoming part of something even bigger – a company that is transforming the workplace: Slack.  

Slack is tackling issues we care about – productivity and innovation – but more importantly – they are doing it on a massive scale and with great success.  They have been an early supporter, advisor, and investor in Woven via the Slack Fund.  They were the obvious home for our team.  As for me, I have new plans for myself which I’ll share at a later time.

Woven is the most powerful calendaring technology outside of Microsoft and Google and it is a product that we’ve become dependent on to run our lives. We wish we could maintain Woven for our users whom we have so much appreciation for, but sometimes the best path forward requires a goodbye to something we love.   

On behalf of the whole Woven team, we want to thank our users for all of their love and support

Tim and Burc