Time often seems to slip away from us. For many knowledge workers, time drives our entire day, determining not just our location, but our focus. At Woven, we’re reimagining time and reinventing time management. In a sense, Woven is a self-driving calendar, but it keeps its users squarely in the driver’s seat.

Automating Mundanity
When I reference self-driving technology I’m not talking about attempts to create fully autonomous self-driving cars, but rather the technology we generally call driver assistance. While driver-assistance technology hasn’t gotten as much press, it’s actually a collection of exciting innovations that is transforming the way we get from one place to another.

Many new vehicles have some form of driver assistance. From automated parallel parking to rear view video streams, adaptive cruise control, lane departure, and collision avoidance, these technologies not only make driving easier, they protect us. They eliminate blind spots and alert us to dangers we might not have been conscious of. Ultimately, they help us minimize human error and drive more safely by creating trust. By reliably automating certain tasks, these features allow drivers to engage more directly with where they’re going rather than how to get there.

And, unlike fully-autonomous cars, driver assistance is here, today. Instead of waiting indefinitely, we can incorporate a multitude of assistive features to make our travel safer, more efficient, and even more fun.

Steering Your Calendar
Like cars with driver-assist features, Woven empowers its users to spend time on what matters most, one event at a time. The app uses artificial intelligence and a graph engine to pull together every stage of an event — the planning, scheduling, preparation, meeting, and follow-up — into one view. It works seamlessly throughout the day and takes the frustration out of necessary tasks. With Woven helping users weave together all the elements of an event, they spend more time on big-picture ideas than traditional minutiae.

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