If you’ve ever need to collaborate with someone, you’ve probably googled “how to share my calendar.” Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Woven’s Availability Sharing is the most powerful feature of this innovative scheduling tool. With Availability Sharing, you can negate the need for back-and-forth emailing or text messaging when trying to find times to meet with your CEO, mother or hairstylist. Instead, you can give others a complete overview of your availability with just a single link.

Enjoy Convenience Without Sacrificing Privacy

At Woven, we don’t think that convenience should come at a price. For instance, there is no reason for your boss to know that your “doctor appointment” is really an appointment with your masseuse (Hey! Your mental health is just as important as your physical health.). There is also no need for your mother-in-law to find out that your “busy Saturday” consists of brunch with friends and hours in the bookstore. Share your availability without sacrificing your privacy via Woven’s Availability Sharing. This feature lets you do a few cool things:

  • Let others know at which times and on which days you are free
  • Let others quickly search for your upcoming availability
  • Hide the details of your meetings or events
  • Make changes on the fly and notify others of the changes

You can also choose with whom you want to share certain calendars. If you don’t want your boss to know the details of your personal life, no problem. Upload personal events to one calendar to share with friends and family, and use another calendar strictly for work obligations.

You can also request that others share their availability with you. Are you tired of trying to track down your VP and secure a lunch meeting with her? Use Woven to review her availability and secure a meeting far in advance, all without having to directly communicate.

Getting Started

When you first set up your Woven account, you’ll be given the opportunity to select people with whom you would like to share your calendar. This initial list of persons may include people with whom you regularly meet, such as your higher-ups and members of your team. After the initial set up, you can go back in and add and delete people as the need arises. You would do this by selecting “Availability Sharing” in the Woven menu.

share-my-calendar-sharing-toOnce you’re on the Availability Sharing page, navigate to the “Share with someone else” search box. Start typing in a name or email address. The field should auto-populate with the intended recipient’s information. Once the correct name or address is in the field, select “Share” on his or her row.

If the recipient is an existing Woven user, he or she will receive an email notification almost immediately after you hit “Share” that informs him or her you granted access to your calendar. The recipient should be able to easily view your schedule and find times that work best for a meeting.

If the recipient is not yet a Woven user, he or she will receive a notification regardless. However, the email will inform him or her that you shared your calendar, and he or she can access it once he or she creates a Woven account.

Revoking access is just as easy as granting it. To stop sharing your schedule with a person, find his or her name on your share list and selecting the “Sharing” button again. The button will return to the “Share” state once you successfully disable access.

Requesting the Availability of Others

share-my-calendar-sharing-with-youScheduling becomes even easier when all participants of an event or meeting can view each other’s availability. If you want to schedule a meeting with your on-the-go CEO, or if you need to nail down your social butterfly of a maid-of-honor, use Woven’s handy feature that allows you to request others’ availability. To do this, navigate to the Availability Sharing settings and select “Sharing with you.” Type the person’s name or email address into the search section that reads, “Request someone’s availability.” Select “Request.”

When you send out requests, recipients will receive an email notifying them that someone requested their availability. Woven users have the opportunity to deny or accept any requests that come through their inbox. Non-Woven users will also receive a notification. However, as with Availability Sharing, they will need to create and sign into their Woven account before they can act on requests.

Did you send a request by mistake, or do you no longer need to view another person’s availability? Like with disabling calendar access, canceling a request is as simple as clicking a button. Find the person’s name and the “Requesting” button next to it. Clicking it should remove the request from his or her queue.

Share Your Availability Through Scheduling Links


Scheduling Links are another innovative and convenient feature of the Woven platform. There are two types of scheduling links you can use that allow you to share your availability: Published scheduling links and one-time scheduling links. Published links are editable URLs that multiple different people can use to schedule time with you. One-time scheduling links are links you create for the purpose of scheduling a single meeting.

To create a published Scheduling Link, first create a Woven Smart Template. This will dictate the type of meeting you’d like to enable. Customize the settings, mark your availability and then click “Publish as scheduling link.” When publishing, you have the option to share with select people, to publish on your website or social media profile or include it in the signature of your email.

To create a one-time Scheduling Link, select Scheduling Link from the “+” button. You can elect to create a new event or to use one of your templates.

Next, mark your availability for the event. The default sets it to “any available time,” which Woven pulls from your other calendars. However, if you want to keep some of your free time private, you can choose just a few time slots. To do this, use the option marked, “anyone can schedule specific times.” Proceed to “Add Times.”  Once you’re satisfied with the event, click “Create Link.”

One-time Scheduling Links only work for a single event. To invite people, share the link via text, chat or email.

The Woven interface is user-friendly and self-explanatory, making it a go-to scheduling tool for busy professionals everywhere. However, if you need support, visit our Support page or reach out to our team.

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