Over the last few weeks, the world has been rocked. With the stock market drop, the cancelling of schools, and the shift to remote work, it’s forced us to take stock of what really matters most and be hyper-aware of how we spend our time.

It’s also created some new problems. Overnight, huge parts of the US workforce was forced into remote work – and a whole new set of problems have come up on how to coordinate, schedule, be effective, and also schedule work and life responsibilities when life forces them together. As a distributed team, Woven was built to solve these problems.

That’s why today, we’re unleashing a series of tools and features designed to help you collaborate better, schedule faster, and most importantly, spend time on what matters most.

We’re calling it Woven Remote – here’s what’s inside.

Native Video Conferencing Integration

Make Video Conferencing a Breeze

Are we the only ones dealing with Zoom call overload the past few weeks? Over the last few weeks, video conferencing has skyrocketed as people transitioned to remote work. As people deal with the influx of invites and links via slack, email and other channels, managing and scheduling these video calls become more important than ever.

Besides being able to add a conferencing line directly to a Woven event, you can add your personal meeting link into your settings so you can add your saved information in a click.

Advanced Zoom Integration

Beyond the basics, we have some advanced Zoom functionality coming in the very near future. An extended direct Zoom integration is coming soon (pending Zoom’s approval) and we’re excited to share the incredible extended functionality this provides. Whether you just use Zoom or an interactive whiteboard, you’ll find Woven is even more remote-friendly than ever.


Turn Your Calendar Into An Actionable Schedule

Woven Home for Desktop

Home is a brand new view of Woven. You may have previewed this on mobile, but Home is designed to give you meaningful information about your calendar by creating an actionable schedule. We turn ordinary calendar events into rich event cards that give you meaningful data. You can preview the location of an event, and take immediate actions like “Join call”, “email participants”, “get directions”, or “take notes.”

Home turns your calendar into a list that you act on.


Understand How You Spend Your Time

Woven Analytics

If you’ve been using our mobile app, you’ve had a preview of what Analytics can do for you. It’s powerful to see how much Woven can help you visualize and understand how you spend your time.

Analytics automatically analyzes your tags and other rich Woven information to calculate in real time where you’re spending your time which enables you visualize and adjust how you spend your time.

Introducing Smart Fields

Smart Titles, Smart Descriptions, Smart Everything

Power users know just how useful Smart Titles are. Now, we’re making them even easier to use and expanding when and where they work. You can now activate Woven’s smart titles with our Smart Title Assistant.

You can also use the same language across locations and descriptions. You can use this to build custom greetings, on-boardings, and welcome messages depending on the information associated with the event.

For more details on everything you can do with Smart Titles, start here.

Office 365

Bring Google Calendar and Office 365 together with Woven

If you’ve been waiting on Office 365, wait no longer. You can now add your Office 365 account to your existing Woven account*. Then, you can manage your O365 calendars as you would any other calendar you have in My Time. You can finally bring all your calendars home to Woven – no more juggling multiple calendars just because they’re powered by different systems.

You can get started with Office 365 Sync here.

Please note, this is in beta and for existing Woven users. Direct sign-up with Office 365 is coming soon.

iPad Beta

Use Woven Across All Your Apple Devices

Woven for iPad

We are now opening up our native iPad app in beta. This brings all-new-views of your time to iPad and completes our suite of apps across the Apple ecosystem so you can use Woven where you are with whatever Apple device you’re on.

You can sign up for the iPad beta here.

Our goal at Woven is to help you spend time on what matters most. With the uncertain events in the world, the shift to remote work is accelerating. Woven Remote is here to help you work better and become more product so you can spend time on the things that matter most.

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