Time is important. All of our calendars are densely populated with meetings, and, on top of that, consider how much additional time we spend each week scheduling and managing these meetings. With multiple emails to find possible times to meet, frequent rescheduling, and unexpected travel times between appointments, it adds up.Changing your calendaring habits requires a little upfront time investment, when you’re already feeling pressed for time.

Will it pay off? An early Woven user, Anna Addoms, says emphatically: “Yes!” 

Meet Anna 

Anna Addoms runs Wicked Marvelous, a successful marketing consulting agency in Colorado. Her clients range from ground-floor startups to multinational corporations. Like most entrepreneurs, this business didn’t just land in her lap. It’s the result of hard work over a long period. Anna was born into a family of self-starters. Her grandfather was chairman & CEO of Frontier Airlines, and her father works in technology (including running Excite.com for a time). Throughout college, she challenged herself by working a 40 hour per week corporate marketing job on top of her studies to build her practical skills.After working for others, Anna knew it was only a matter of time before she opened up her own firm, and six years ago, she did just that. Her calendar became even more crucial at this stage. “When you own an agency, time is money. I’ve thought a lot about developing passive income strategies, but really, it’s the time with the clients,” Anna says. It’s not just her schedule that’s a priority, “making sure that clients understand scheduling, staying on track, and getting things done in a timely manner” is a huge part of the business. Until six months ago, Anna juggled her schedule through a combination of mental agility, a paper calendar, Google and a few miscellaneous calendar apps. Now, it’s just Woven.

Making The Switch

Anna originally found Woven through a Facebook ad the company ran during the early days of product development. Always interested in finding better productivity tools, Anna was intrigued enough to sign-up and give the fledgling product a try. She was relieved to start by just connecting her Google calendar. “I felt better knowing that I wasn’t giving up my Google calendar,” she recalls. “Immediately, I noticed Woven pulling relevant emails from my inbox and streamlining my scheduling.” At the time, she was struggling with a few clients who were chronic re-schedulers, and she knew she needed to spend less time managing their meetings. Early on, she appreciated how the AI aspects of Woven auto-tagged events for her, extracting information from email directly into her calendar. As Woven added a mobile app to its desktop platform, the benefits really started to come together. With Woven available wherever she was, regardless of which devices she had with her, Anna begin exclusively turning to Woven. “Initially I used Woven in conjunction with other calendar apps, but soon I began turning notifications off on everything else. Now Woven is the only way to access my calendar,” she says. “Woven is my go-to and has made scheduling really easy.”

Why Is Woven Different?

Anna shares her favorite features that make Woven an indispensable resource:

  • Maps: Woven factors in travel time and traffic patterns when scheduling events at different locations. “I have a home office, and a central office where I meet clients,” says Anna. “I meet some clients at their offices and some at mine, and sometimes I’m on the road in one of the four time zones in which my clients work.” Woven helps ensure punctuality and plan each day more logically.
  • Shared Scheduling: Woven allows Anna to suggest available times to clients to either schedule themselves into her day, or the client can use a shared scheduling link to suggest new times. This significantly cuts down on back-and-forth communications.
  • Moving Events From Email to Calendar: Woven engages with information in Anna’s  email when (and only when) she gives it permission. It extracts details from her correspondence and translates that into calendar events. When Anna’s emails involve scheduling, Woven creates a queue within the calendar view that allows her to see scheduling requests, confirm appointments, or find alternatives without having to search through the email archive.
  • Woven Assistant is intelligence built into Woven to help schedule meetings. For instance, when Anna is emailing with a contact and wants to schedule lunch, she simply includes, “@Woven, find times that will work for us next week for lunch”, and Woven finds and lists possible times that work for all parties, making that last stretch of scheduling a breeze.

Looking Ahead

Anna has been a beta tester of Woven for the last several months and made it her core calendar app three months ago, around the same time she began assisting Woven with their social marketing needs. While her own company’s growth means she’s adding headcount, Anna would rather not hire a live assistant. Some of her clients have immediate needs an assistant may not grasp or be equipped to handle. With Woven, Anna stays in control without wasting any time. “Before Woven, I probably spent 10 hours a month just talking with clients about schedules,” Anna estimates. “Woven has helped me cut that number in half.” What would you do if you had more hours in your week? Try Woven and find out; schedule your first meeting today!

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