As David Zhou readily admits, “meetings are my life and business.”

As a scout for venture capital firms, David schedules and meets with 10-15 start-up founders a week; that’s 40-60 per month or, potentially, 480 meetings per year, minimum. Despite the volume of meetings, David’s calendar breaks down into just for basic meeting types.  Calendaring for David is not only challenged by finding times that work, but also by having to repeatedly enter the same information over and over.

For David, finding and using the most efficient calendaring and scheduling tool is a critical component of his productivity toolkit. “Every minute, or even second, that I can save on managing my calendar and scheduling meetings, is important. It’s a quality of life issue for me,” says David.

David found the solution to his problems with Woven. He started using the product late last year and was immediately drawn to the convenience of Woven’s email integration. “It’s great to have the email thread relating to the meeting embedded into my calendar so I can refer to it when planning and preparing for the meeting,” says David. He also appreciates Woven’s Map View and travel planning feature to streamline traveling between meetings in the busy Bay Area.

Early on David provided valuable feedback to the Woven design team, letting them know that  even though he had many meetings per week, they tended to fall into four common meeting ‘types’, i.e., ‘coffee meeting’, ‘lunch meeting’,  and that he would like a way to schedule these faster, without recreating the event from scratch each time.

This suggestion, and others like it, led to the recently released Woven functionality, Woven Smart Templates. With templates, David went from dozens of clicks to schedule an event to just three –  saving him valuable time.

Shaving Valuable Seconds Off Every MeetingRecently, we checked back in with David about his use of Woven Smart Templates. According to David, “Templates are saving me time because I’m not re-typing meeting specifics for each event. I’m shaving a few seconds off event creation time for each meeting, and that’s fantastic. Those seconds add up, and enable me to focus less on scheduling and more on executing a valuable meeting.”

David has created four templates that he uses consistently. These include a basic “call” template, a “coffee”  template, a “dinner” template and a template reserved for meetings with his special projects team.

He turned on Woven Scheduling Links for some of the templates so that he can send dedicated links via email to meeting guests; guests then choose a time to meet from those offered.  When setting up the templates, David established his availability windows to set parameters on when guests can schedule. For instance, he only wants to book coffee meetings on select weekdays, during select hours. He also is using the option to review each meeting request before it is actually booked.

“I love the fact that Woven integrates the Scheduling Link capability into the calendar, meaning I don’t need to deal with a whole separate app or tool to get that functionality. That alone is saving me real time and, again, is a quality of life issue in that it simplifies the tools I need to deal with,” said David.

Productivity Health is Mental HealthDavid’s experiences with productivity and time management are similar to many of us. He is keen to find ways to trade-off screen time with in-person time. For David, tools like Woven save valuable minutes during the day.

David summarized his thoughts by saying, “As I travel around and meet with venture capitalists, founders, and other busy people like myself, I’m finding more and more of a correlation between our productivity health and our mental health. Finding tools that keep us productive really do result in a healthier mindset and the ability to perform better in business and life, and I share Woven’s philosophy about time being our most valuable asset.”

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