One of our users asked us this question today:

“I’m looking for my magic moment… THE ONE thing that will be memorable and worth bragging to friends about”

It inspired me to write this post as I’ve obviously been a very heavy user of Woven from the very beginning.  A quick context on my setup – I have 2 “My time calendars” – my work and personal calendars.  I also have 4 Teamsnap calendars for my kids sports.  Finally, we have an “Out of Office” calendar for the company that we use to keep track of when team members are out.

Magical Moment #1 – Navigate the calendar in natural language – On the web, if you click on the Month, a text box will open and you can type in any date in whatever format – including holidays (“e.g. MLK Day, Thanksgiving”).  The calendar will automagically navigate to that date.


Magical Moment #2 – See changes that happened on both my work and personal calendars in one place – Under “Event Updates”, we show recent updates that occurred on your “My Time” calendars.  I use this to become aware of things like changes that my wife, or co-founder might have made that I need to know about.


Magical Moment #3 – Mobile meeting creation – There are several things we do to make mobile meeting creation super fast and simple including looking at past meetings as templates.  Here’s an example of creating a meeting with a dozen people, a conference room and a bridge in about 10 seconds.


Magical Moment #4 – Use the map while traveling – I was recently in Paris with my wife and since our schedule was entirely in our calendars, we pretty much just used Woven to walk around and figure out where we were going.


Magical Moment #5 – Use the Woven Assistant with other Woven users – If you ask the Woven Assistant (@woven) to find times and the other participants are woven users, it will propose times that fit everyone’s schedules.  This is pretty amazing and is a quick glimpse of what the future will be like when we get more adoption.

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