We have been hard at work listening to your feedback and continuing to make Woven the best product that it can be. I’m excited to announce several new features which began shipping this week.

Woven proactively lets you know when you have conflicts

We’ve completely revamped our notifications framework to include better and more intelligent notifications.  By default, Woven will send you a notification if an event is scheduled that creates a conflict on any one of your My Time calendars.

You can also configure Woven to let you know of any change to an event via in-app or email notifications.  Click here to change your notification settings.

Plan better with Month View (Desktop and Web – Mobile coming soon)

By popular demand – we have added a month view!  Our month view allows you to quickly view multiple weeks.  It includes a unique scrolling feature that allows you to see all of the events in a day without having to drill into the event.

We are continuing to update our UIs to make them more effective for planning.  Expect to see more updates to our month view in the coming weeks.

Also by popular demand – Woven now supports the creation of recurring events.  This allows you to specify a recurrence interval for any new event.  Set events to occur weekly, semi-monthly, annually, and more.  

Add recurrence to new events by  clicking on the “repeat” module

Dual Timezone Support Improvements (Desktop/Web only)

We’ve made our dual timezone support even better with a new setting that allows you to persistently set a second timezone for your calendar.  

This option is currently Desktop/Web only and can be accessed here.

We have even more on the way.  Coming soon:

  • Dark Mode Support
  • New iMessage integration – use woven right from within a text message
  • Simplified and revamped shared scheduling flows – Make it even easier to schedule events with Woven

As always, let us know what you think!  A lot of our roadmap is defined based on user feedback.  We look forward to hearing from you at feedback@woven.com.

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