Joel Runyon started IMPOSSIBLE to help people push their limits by taking on impossible challenges and living a great story. That journey has led Joel to run seven ultramarathons on seven continents, start and build several different business –  Ultimate Paleo Guide, Ultimate Meal Plans and Move Well App – and travel the world encouraging others to live their best, impossible lives.

But, living an impossible life keeps Joel impossibly busy. Endurance running, designing, building and bringing new products to market, blogging and recording podcasts, and traveling the world keeps Joel’s calendar booked 24 hours a day.

As Joel says, “I think of my calendar as a tyrant. I want it to be ruthless at helping me maximize my time.”

After Sunrise, a Mess…until WovenPreviously a Sunrise user, Joel was left without an ideal calendar solution when Sunrise was shuttered. “After Sunrise, my calendar and time management became a mess,” says Joel. “I didn’t get back on track until I found Woven a few months ago.”

“Before Woven, I would spend weeks going back and forth on email trying to find a meeting time with another busy person.  These ‘scheduling wars’ were a complete waste of time and productivity drain,” said Joel. “In one case, we went back and forth for three months. With Woven, I was finally able to schedule that meeting within days.”

“Now, with Woven, I quickly send a scheduling link, with suggested times automatically found by Woven, and, boom, meeting scheduled. It’s fast and efficient, for me and my meeting guest.”

To use Woven Scheduling Links, Joel first created Woven Smart Templates for his top three meeting types: client consult, podcast interview and ‘coffee meeting’. He then set Availability Windows for each template and established a persistent, public Woven Scheduling Link associated for each template. Now, to schedule a meeting, Joel, quickly selects the template and sends the link, easy to do from both his mobile phone or desktop. Joel can also use the new Woven iMessage integration to send Scheduling Links via text. Joel now has a full-featured guest scheduling tool fully integrated into his daily calendar, Woven. “Woven simplified this aspect of my life by providing fully integrated scheduling link functionality, and with templates, I get the most out of my time, every day,” continued Joel.

Changed my ProductivityStretching your life to its limits, creates impossible demands for productivity tools.

As Joel says, “Because I’m demanding the most out of every aspect of my life, I’m constantly taxing my productivity tool set. I’m pushing to simplify and streamline for efficiency, but at the same time I need power and performance to do more in less time. I love the power features that Woven keeps adding: the keyboard shortcuts, the integrated map view for travel planning, analytics, and dark mode.”“Bottom line: Woven lets me meet more people, and do more business because I’m actually being effective with my time. Woven is the impossible calendar for an impossible life.”

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