If you are one of the growing numbers of knowledge workers, you probably already have a good idea of how hard it is to manage your time. One word comes to mind when most people think of wasted minutes that turn to hours and are forever gone: Meetings!

What if you had a way to harness a force as powerful as your time? If you could keep track of how you use your time and see the results, do you think you could use your time more efficiently?

Use Woven’s Online Calendar for Free

An Online Calendar That Shows The Way

The creators of Woven saw that those old calendar systems were not full-featured enough to stay up with today’s mobile, knowledge-based worker. Simple “keep the date” formats were not taking advantage of the potential power of a fully functioning online scheduling system.

It was on the premise that time empowerment would significantly improve the working environment for knowledge workers that the founders of Woven launched. We desired to create an online calendar system that would allow users to analyze how they spent their time and also to gauge the effectiveness of how they used that time.

The features of Woven advance time management capabilities and put the online calendar at the center of the knowledge workers’ life. Think of Woven as a database for your life. It is a tracker for your most precious commodity — the one that everyone has the same amount of, but no one seems to have enough: time.

Online Calendar Features That Place Time in Your Hands


Time flows in a straight line, but your time management needs are multi-dimensional. We packed Woven with online calendar features that give you mastery over your time.

  • Time Analytics: No more guessing where the time goes. You now have the power to view when you are the most productive, as well as the least productive.
  • Integrated Scheduling Links: How much time do you waste just trying to coordinate meeting times? This feature eliminates the possibility of scheduling conflicts, thus saving immeasurable time spent in sending emails back and forth.
  • Availability Sharing: With the ability to securely share your availability status with the people you meet with most, you can streamline your processes.

We keep adding new features to Woven whenever we see a need to upgrade your power over your time. As AI continues to develop, you will notice that we incorporate more machine learning features into the Woven platform. We also keep tasks like managing multiple time zones and different operating systems to a minimum of hassle.

Collaborate With Ease with an Online Calendar

As we developed Woven, we began to see the calendar in a whole new light. It is no longer a simple grid list of times and dates used to remind you of where you are supposed to be at any given moment.

An online calendar is much more than a to-do list. Woven transforms the traditional calendar into a portal of collaboration.

You and your team remain unburdened by the clutter of mundane details of meeting planning. Get started with Woven at no cost and free yourself from wasted time, capture your moments and start making them work for you.


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