Online voting makes life easy. Have you ever tried to get a group together and found that coordinating a time when everyone was available was nearly impossible? Maybe you’ve used social media polls in the past to let the team vote and then found that your chosen platform shows only your first three entries, and nobody clicks through to see the rest. Or, in the interest of fairness, you may have sent out an open-ended invitation for everyone to suggest the time and place that was most convenient for them. If you did that, you would have been lucky to get two responses that were the same.

Introducing Online Voting

The most efficient way to plan a meeting that the majority of your invitees can attend is to offer up a few different time slots and let people vote on which they prefer. Once you have several responses, you can schedule the event for the time that works for most people. The idea is simple enough, but the execution can be tricky — the solution: Woven online voting.

Using Woven for Online Voting on Meeting Times

Woven makes scheduling the easiest thing you’ll do all day. Its flexible, intelligent way of doing things means you can input your information once, send out a link and then make a decision as soon as you have enough responses. Here’s how it works:

How To Use Online Voting

  1. Add your calendars to Woven. It works with all your Google calendars so that you can add work, personal and informational calendars (such as holidays, corporate events and weather). Next, tell Woven which of these calendars show your personal obligations by toggling the “My Time” setting on or off from the “Calendars” column. Woven will then know when to mark you as busy or free.
  2. If this will be a recurring meeting, for example, a weekly or monthly team meeting, you may want to create an event template, so you don’t have to recreate your poll from scratch every time. Hover over the “Add” button on desktop, or tap “Templates” on mobile. Fill in the even name and when you’d be available for scheduling. For example, you could choose Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 9:00 a.m. and noon. Save the template.
  3. woven-online-votingGo back to the “Add” button and choose “Group Poll.” You’ll see the options to select a template or create a new group poll. If you’re starting from scratch, enter the relevant information such as the name of the event, its location and description. Then choose “Add times.” You’ll see a list of suggested times based on when you’re free. If you’re working from a template, select the appropriate template, and then select “Add times.” The list of suggested times will now be within the window you’ve specified for that template.
  4. Add people to the poll. Select the “Add people” box on desktop or “Add participants” on mobile, and a drop-down menu will appear. Select the contacts that you want to invite. You can also add people who aren’t in your contacts by typing their email addresses in the search box and then choosing “Add.”
  5. Share the link. Choose “send email,” and Woven will create a draft email to all the participants you added. Personalize it and send out the link. You also have the option to copy the link so you can send it out however you want, including via text or instant messenger. Invitees don’t have to sign up for Woven to vote.

Imagine all the ways you could use Woven’s online voting feature, even outside of work. No more back-and-forth about who is free at what time, and no more open-ended options that result in decision fatigue. Check out all the features Woven has to offer, and get started today.

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