How busy is your everyday life? Between the kid’s schedules, your schedule, and other obligations, life gets hectic sometimes. When you consider that everybody else you know have lives that are just as busy, it’s easy to see why people have trouble coordinating schedules. Whether you want to host a family game night or need to know when your co-workers are available for brainstorming, coordinating can be difficult without the right tools. What you might not have considered is how much a poll maker could help. Adding one to your daily routine offers quite a few benefits.

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The Beneefits of Using a Poll Maker

Your Phone Won’t Receive Constant Notifications

When you work in an office setting, chances are you send group emails. Soon, everybody is responding, whether directly to you or via “reply all.” The incessant notifications only get worse if those “reply all” messages get off topic. The same can be said when it’s time to plan the family’s activities or meet up with distant relatives. Instead of overwhelming your phone with emails and text messages, create a poll that allows people to choose dates, times, and even the place where they’d like to meet. Then, you’ll only need to send one email to confirm the “winning” time and location once the poll is finished.

You’ll Save Time

For as many people who respond to your email and cause your phone to vibrate constantly, there are just as many who won’t respond to at all. Chasing down people who haven’t yet told you when they can meet to discuss business or what time Thanksgiving dinner should be takes time. After a long day, the last thing you want to do is play phone tag or send messages . With a poll maker, you can schedule reminder emails so that people can respond without you needing to keep track of who already answered.

You Make Life Easier for Everyone

Coordinating an event is difficult, but your guests or co-workers often have their own challenges when planning to attend a function. They may also feel the frustrations of the notifications or of returning calls to coordinate times. Using a poll maker means that everybody can respond quickly. Once they vote on their preferences, they don’t need to worry about the event again until you choose the time and place. In addition, many poll maker applications are part of a larger set of products. This means they can do things like send reminders hours or days before the event, seamlessly integrate with synced Google Calendars (such as the office account), and much more.

When choosing a poll maker, it is important to research them first. Many free online versions look great on the surface, but they often are riddled with ads or require sign-up information that your poll recipients may not be comfortable with providing. Choose Woven instead. Our all-in-one calendar application not only allows you to make polls and sync them with Google Calendar, but provides smart templates, travel planning, and much more. Start our quick and easy sign-up process and have your poll up and running in no time.


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