So you want a printable calendar? We may live in a digital world, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t still benefit from paper-based organization. In fact, there are plenty of reasons to use printable calendars. From planning vacations to keeping food journals, running meetings to tracking habits, the ideas are practically endless. Of course, staying organized with paper calendars does require you to know how to customize what you need and print it.

Choose the Right Printable Calendar Program

Creating excellent printable calendars requires you to use a high-quality program that has plenty of customization options. Some calendar programs are better for tracking your meetings or building calendars for entire teams, while others are best for family tasks and scheduling. Some, like Woven, have customizable options for both home and office use. Regardless of why you want to create a printable calendar, be sure to compare each of the options you’re considering using, including ones like Google or Microsoft, to determine which one offers the most flexibility and the best pre-made templates for you to print from.

Pick the Right Template

Chances are whatever calendar app you use to created your custom printables will have a wide range of templates for you to choose from. While it may seem like their designs are not very important, the ones you choose can actually make or break what you’re hoping to do with your calendar. For example, if you’re creating a list of professional team meetings for the year, you’ll likely want to choose a basic calendar template in blue or gray because it looks most professional. On the other hand, professional templates won’t catch a child’s attention. That means that creating chore calendars or take-home printables for children requires brighter colors and more interesting fonts to capture attention. Think of your audience when choosing your templates. Of course, if your printable calendars are only for you, you can opt for whichever style makes you the happiest.

Consider Your Customization Options

Customization goes beyond choosing the right color scheme. There are plenty of other ways you can personalize your calendar’s content as well. Are you creating a daily calendar for a company department? Consider adding a to-do list option on one side. For lunch menus, activities calendars, or other long-term plans, a monthly layout works best. If you’re building a list of assignments, such as homework or work tasks, consider printing calendars by the week. You can add quotes and images, sections for notes or other important information, contact information for teachers or supervisors, and so on. The key is to be sure that your printable calendar can truly work for you.

Think Outside the Box

Who says your calendars need to be something traditional? With the invention of bullet journaling, printable calendars and planner have become available for a wide variety of topics. Maybe you just need a quick reference to look at when you’re planning meetings or vacations a few weeks or months away. A printable yearly calendar can be taped to your desk or hung on the wall for an easy at-a-glance view that doesn’t require you to open an application on your phone or desktop. Maybe you have a large family, group of friends, or classroom of students and want to make each one feel special on his or her birthday. A printable birthday calendar is easy to add to any three-ring binder or planner. Maybe you have a talented photographer or artist in the family. What way to create a more unique gift than to print calendars for the entire family using the artist’s work? Other options include monthly shift schedules, yearly shift rotations, habit trackers, daily checklists, and so much more. If you can think of a reason to use a calendar, you can think of a way to create a printable calendar template that will work for you.

Make Your Calendar Printable

Naturally, using a printable calendar template requires you to have access to a printer. Ideally, you’ll have one at home or in the place of business where you’ll be using the calendar. However, you can also access printers at most libraries or internet cafes, as long as you have a thumb drive or email address to send your calendar to first. When you are ready to print your calendar, be sure you have plenty of ink and that you are using the right kind of paper. Many printers use both traditional and glossy paper, but glossy paper won’t work well for something you want to write on. Ensure there is plenty of paper in the machine as well, especially if you need to print multiple copies. If you’re printing from a computer that uses Windows, you can open the calendar and press CTRL+P to print it. If you’re printing from an Apple computer, press command+p. Alternatively, you can usually find the “print” button under the “File” or “Home” button on whichever application you have your printable calendar open in.

Use Your Calendar to Promote Yourself

Most of the time, people assume calendars are only for keeping track of their own items, but creating printable calendars can actually be a great advertising tool as well. When you create a custom calendar for 2020 or beyond, you need to make it aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. Use high-quality photos of your business, your products, or your community that display what your company is about and why you should be hired in the future. When it comes to functionality, include your hours, days you are closed, holidays, daylight savings time, and other important dates on the calendar to make them more convenient for the people who are using them. Finally, consider adding some extra “oomph” by adding a different promotion to each month. Base them on the most important holiday or event of the month, such as Independent Day or Christmas.

Whether you’re tracking your own habits, keeping an entire classroom on task, or creating a printable calendar that will help you bring in new business for the new year, one thing is certain. You need a solid calendar application that provides a wide range of templates and customization options. Check out Woven for more information on creating your printable calendars!

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