Let’s face it – you need a productivity planner. For many busy professionals, scheduling is a full-time job in and of itself. Between scheduling meetings with clients, putting together team meetings and trying to find time to pick up the dry-cleaning, scheduling can easily take up 10 to 15 hours of your time a month. If you constantly bemoan the fact that you can be using those hours more productively, you’re right — you can. And now, thanks to Woven’s productivity planner, you can cut your scheduling time in half and focus on more meaningful work.

Productivity Planners Are A Better Way To Manage Your Time

The founders of Woven are all too familiar with the headache that comes with scheduling, which is why they strove to find a way to help people reimagine how they use their time. What they came up with was Woven, the calendar app that pulls together every stage of the calendar lifecycle. From meeting prep to scheduling to the meeting itself to meeting follow-up, you can plan for everything with this single tool. Instead of having multiple files to sift through, Woven grants you a cohesive view of everything on one visually-appealing dashboard.

Do Away With Back-and-Forth and File Sharing

Some meetings require more work than others. For all those meetings that take place outside of the boardroom and that require dozens of documents for participants to review, attach them all to the chosen event in your Woven calendar and invite participants to view them. You can also include maps, conference links and Google Docs with any event, all of which invitees can pull up on their desktop, laptop or smartphone.

Productivity Planner with Full Calendar Integration

One of the best aspects of Woven’s productivity planner is the fact that it allows you to ditch all other calendar tools. With the dozens of calendar apps available today, it’s unlikely that you, your clients, your team members and your hire ups all use the same one. As a result, you must download the various apps to be able to view others’ schedules and allow them to view yours. Not anymore.

Woven seamlessly integrates all other calendars into its dashboard. Not only does it show you others’ availability and allow them to see yours (when you want them to) but also, it shows you every obligation you have booked on other calendars. If it detects scheduling conflicts, or if it suspects that two meetings will overlap either in duration or because of travel time, it will alert you.

On-the-Go Productivity Planning 

woven-imessage-integrationIt happens often — you’re driving along when you suddenly remember that you need to schedule a consultation with a client, or you have an idea that you must share with your team ASAP. Woven now allows for iOS integrations, which means that you don’t have to wait until you get back to the office to plan a meeting. Pull up Woven on your smartphone, tell Siri what you need to do and Woven will take care of the rest.

Your time is valuable, which is why the last thing you should be doing with it is focusing on scheduling chores. Free up hours with your time with Woven’s productivity planner. Want to learn more about this innovative calendar app? Check out more features here.

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