Our mission at Woven is to help people spend time on what’s important by re-imagining what the calendar can do, and with every release we get one step closer to this vision.  I’d like to highlight some of the recent steps we’ve made, and invite you to be a part of this journey moving forward.

Making the calendar more dynamic

There is a lot of diversity in how we spend our time – lunches, 1-1s with team members, staff meetings, dinner with friends, doctor appointments, interviews, and more. These are all events on our calendar – but they are by no means the same.  This is why we built Woven with a dynamic user interface that lets each event highlight different associated information, not one basic structured form as all other calendars have.

This week we released a new, modular design for our web and desktop applications, similar to what we’ve built for our mobile product.  Combined with templates, this allows events to appear as they should – reminder events don’t need location fields, events with detailed agendas have the space to display them.  The technology which enables this is extensible. Just as the initial iPhone was released with only a few apps, and now there are millions, Woven is starting with a few modules but we expect many more in the future. What would you like to add to your calendar events? Let us know at feedback@woven.com.

Integrate the calendar

Last week, in honor of Lyft’s IPO, we released Lyft and Uber integration into Woven.  When an event has a location, Woven will let you get a ride straight from your calendar.  This is just the first of many capabilities to use your calendar to do work for you to save you time.

See what your priorities are with colors

You can now set and update the color of events directly within Woven.  You can also set colors in a Smart Template, making it easy to have different event colors for different meeting types.

Colors are already available for web and desktop and will be released shortly for iOS.

Further improvements to Availability Sharing

Availability Sharing in Woven has continued to improve.  Woven now automatically finds free times to meet with your G Suite work colleagues, without needing to add their calendars to your account.  For new meeting invitations, we also show if there are any My Time conflicts on your calendar.

There’s a lot more on the way

At Facebook we used to have a saying that “we are only 1% done”.  This is definitely true at Woven and we have a lot more exciting features on the way.  A couple of important things to expect from us in the next couple of weeks:

  • Multi-account – You can connect multiple accounts with your Woven account to make it easier to access all of your calendars in one place
  • iOS calendar support – the next few releases of the app will provide increased access to all calendars on  your iPhone, even non-Google calendars.
  • Improvements to search

As always, let us know what you think!  A lot of our roadmap is defined based on user feedback.  We look forward to hearing from you at feedback@woven.com.

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