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From scheduling wars to back and forth emails to meeting time confusion, scheduling today is more complex than it should be. Woven’s schedule maker strives to take the hassle out of this should-be-simple chore with easy-to-use and manage Scheduling Links, Availability Sharing, Smart Templates and other powerful features.

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Why Use a Schedule Maker?

Integrated Scheduling Links

Woven-Scheduling-LinksWoven’s integrated Scheduling Links allow you to share your availability across multiple calendar types without having to subscribe to or manage each one. If you do have multiple calendars, there’s no need to login to each one to update your availability — the MyTime feature smartly manages conflicts and merges identical requests.

With Woven’s Scheduling Links, you can also make your availability public. Create one-time or public links that automatically embed your available time slots. Should anyone need to schedule a meeting with you, he or she can click the link and select an available time slot. This action essentially creates the meeting all without you or the participant ever having to exchange an email.

Smart Templates

Woven-Team-Lunch-Smart-TemplateOne of the great things about the Woven Calendar tool is that you can include key meeting details, minutes and other pertinent information within the template. Over time, however, you may grow tired of having to input similar or identical details into each new meeting template. That’s where Woven Smart templates come in handy.

Smart Templates lets you create a template for each meeting type you commonly hold. For instance, you may always schedule your lunch meetings at the same place on the same day of the week at the same time. Instead of having to input the same information over and over again, you can create a smart template with the key details of a particular meeting and use it whenever the need arises.

Built-In Group Polls

Trying to schedule meetings with multiple participants is the most challenging scheduling task of all. From participants who don’t respond to those with limited availability, it can require a lot of back and forth to finally land on a date and time that works best for everyone. Woven does away with this headache with Group Polls.

Group Polls allows you to create a meeting type and invite participants to respond to a poll regarding their availability. From there, Woven does the rest. The tool will tally all the responses and inform you of who is available and when. You can select the time slot that works best for everyone and Woven will send out the official invite.

MyTime, Availability Sharing and More

MyTime integrates all your calendars into one and even knows the difference between your personal time and work time. It intelligently manages your available time slots and shares them with those to which you grant access. Time Analytics reveals scheduling conflicts or possible conflicts, while Map View and Travel Planning help you time your meetings so as to avoid overlap or your running late due to transportation issues.

Woven’s schedule maker is one of the most sophisticated yet user-friendly calendar tools. Ideal for time-crunched professionals and busy parents alike, its many features are sure to save you time and sanity on scheduling. Learn more about this calendar tool’s intelligent features today.


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