If you’re looking for the fastest and easiest way to schedule a meeting, meet your new favorite app . – Woven. It’s your calendar – upgraded.

Woven is the app that makes scheduling a breeze – no matter whether you’re at work or on the go. Woven makes it easy to protect and share your time to make space for the things that matter most.

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Schedule a One-off Scheduling Link

Unlike other scheduling tools that force everyone into a few pre-made scheduling blocks – Woven lets you schedule on-off meetings on the fly.

This allows you to schedule incredibly personal meetings in a way that previous calendar tools just couldn’t touch.

Pro-tip: combine one-off scheduling links with smart titles to really personalize these meetings on the fly.

Schedule with Woven’s iMessage Integration

One of the coolest thing about Woven is the direct integration with iMessage. In the past, you used to have to rely on saved links, or run around and find the right scheduling link to share your availability. It takes way more time than is worth it and sometimes it feels faster to just send a text message.

With Woven, you can send your availability and scheduling link without leaving your iMessage keyboard. Just click the Woven wheel icon, choose your template, and send your availability in less than clicks – all without leaving iMessage! How cool is that? If you were a fan of Sunrise, you’re going to love this.

Publish Your Scheduling Link

We get it, you’re used to your old ways of scheduling – publishing a scheduling link like you did with Calendly or Acuity? We got your back.

With Woven, you can easily create a public link that anyone with the link can book into. Easily share the link, embed it on a website or share it in your email signature.

Automatically Find a Time

When you have people share their availability with you, you can add them to events. Once you do, you can easily have Woven find the best available times for all the parties that are sharing availability.

Using Woven’s unique “find a time” feature – uses powerful AI to quickly scan the schedules of all attendees and show you the best times for the meeting to take place. This is so fast, it feels superhuman.

No good times at all? If some of the people for the meeting aren’t absolutely required for it – you can mark them “optional” and Woven will see if there are any additional times available.

Schedule a Group Poll

Want to give everyone a say? Create a group poll just as fast as you would a regular scheduling link and put it to a vote!

Send it off to your team, friends, or family and let everyone have a say. Then, when the results are in, Woven will help schedule the time that works best for everyone!

Schedule Anything, Anytime, Anywhere.

Synchronize all your Google Calendars and use Woven on all your devices. Available for iPhone, Mac, and Windows (and yes, Woven for iPad is coming soon).

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Try Woven Today For Free

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