Are you missing Sunrise Calendar? Us too.

That’s why we decided to take some of our favorite features and build them directly into Woven.

If you loved Sunrise, then you need to give Woven a try.

Download Woven for MacWindows, and iOS

Mobile First Scheduling

The feature everyone (including us) fell in love with Sunrise was the incredibly simple one-off meeting invite links from mobile. Not only could you send it from anywhere, anytime on-the-go, but it was incredibly simple and personal.

Now, iOS has upgraded quite a bit since it was originally launched, but Woven has re-launched the mobile scheduling interface with a new Woven iMessage integration that’s might even be faster than the original Sunrise integration.

Mobile Home View

If you loved Sunrise Calendar’s simple interface, you’re going to love the Woven home view. Right from your fingertips, you can get a glance at what’s coming up next, take important actions for your upcoming meetings (join a call, get a ride, or find directions). You can also see a quick overview of how you spend your time (more on this in a second).

Super Fast Event Creation Using Templates

If you’re a heavy scheduler, you’re going to love this. Most of us have types of events that we have to frequently schedule. Personally, I have focus time blocks, phone calls, conference calls, and team syncs that I have to regularly schedule.

Many of these have the same pieces of data (phone, conference line, tags, time length) associated with each event.

Instead of manually creating these events on a one-by-one basis, with Woven, you can create a template that contains all the information for each of those events. Then, once you have that ready – you can schedule an event in two clicks using that template as a base to start with.

One-off Scheduling Links

Unlike other scheduling tools that only let you publish availability, Woven lets you easily publish one-off scheduling links to create personalized meetings and invites that feel much more personalized than a generic “availability link.” This is one of those things that’s hard to explain but you can feel the difference the first time you try it. This means, you can even use Woven to schedule something as personal as date night! (if it works for you, let us know!)

Smart Analytics & Insights

Our goal at Woven isn’t just to make you schedule events faster, but use your time better overall. That’s why we built in smart analytics and insights into Woven from the start. You can see a quick overview in your home view or dive deeper with our mobile-first smart analytics and insights. See when, where and what you’re spending time on so you can make sure you spend it on the people and the things that matter most.

RIP Sunrise. You will be missed.

Download Woven for MacWindows, and iOS

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