Superhuman has taken the productivity world by storm. And for good reason! Not only have they made email just seem to “work” again – they have almost made email fun again! Impossible? Maybe, but they’re doing it.

Many of our users at Woven are Superhuman users and have started to refer to us as “the superhuman of calendars.”

While we’re flattered – their product and team is incredible – I thought I’d show you some of the things that our power users are loving about Woven.

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Schedule with Anyone, Anywhere

Whether you’re on mobile or your desktop, you can use Woven to schedule in an instant from anywhere. Whether you need to shoot a link off via email, copy to a DM or send it directly from iMessage – Woven’s quick and simple scheduling links let you create one-off and published links instantly so you can spend less time scheduling and more time doing what matters most.

See Your Day at A Glance

Woven’s innovative “home” view shows you your entire day at a glance. With actionable items on each upcoming meeting, you can get directions, join a call, or catch a ride to your next meeting. You can see quick insights into where you’re spending your time and dig deeper as well (more on that in a second).

Superfast Event Scheduling From Templates

You can easily create complex events in an instant with templates. By setting up templates for your most used and complex events you can add intricate data to events in an instant. This is easier to “show” than tell, so see for yourself just how fast templates can be.

Map Your Schedule

One of the Unique things that Woven does is show your daily schedule from a map view. This is incredibly helpful when you travel a lot and have location information for multiple events across a variety of locations. We find sales people and realtor both find this useful. Even if you’re a remote worker just utilizing workstation popcorn, map view can help you get to where you need to be so you never miss a meeting due to traffic or travel time.

See Actionable Analytics & Insights

No matter whether you schedule with yourself or a team, it’s imperative for you to see how you spend your time so you can see if it matches up with your values and goals. With our in-depth mobile analytics and insights – you can see exactly how you’re spending your time so you can revise and review to make sure it’s in line with what matters most.

Download Woven for MacWindows, and iOS

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