Thank you for all of the great feedback you have provided since we launched Woven a few weeks back. We are listening and are pleased to share these new features based on the suggestions you’ve made. Today we released these updates for the web version of Woven:

  • Maps enhancements –  We are thrilled to report that Woven Maps view is one of the most popular Woven features. And, we heard some great suggestions on how to enhance Maps.Based on that, we’ve updated Maps on web so that you can specify what travel mode you want the calculations based on. These can include – walking, bicycling, public transportation, or driving. The time estimates will automatically update based on the mode you select, and in some instances, mixed modes are indicated.For instance, when planning a day in New York City, you’ll see subway times combined with walking, for those instances when you need to walk from the last subway stop to your final destination.
  • Easier meeting creation – When you create new events, Woven automatically suggests meeting details based on past events with a similar title. For example typing “Project Review” in the event title will find meetings that have a similar name, and if you select them, will pre-populate the participants, location, and description. This allows you to more quickly create meetings by using your past events as templates.
  • Several other small bug fixes and enhancements.  

We will also be releasing an update to our iOS app within the next week that will have similar enhancements.  As I mentioned in a previous blog post, our goal is to be as responsive as possible to user feedback, and helping you be successful with Woven is our top priority.Some other areas that we are focused on  include:Improving the Woven Shared Scheduling experience to make it easier to use and understand.Further enhancements to Woven Maps.Additional use of intelligent suggestions to streamline meeting creation.You can expect that we will update Woven every couple of weeks with new features.  And, please keep sharing your feedback – we love hearing the good, the bad and…the ugly. All in the spirit of making Woven the best it can be. Send your thoughts to support@woven.com.You can check the blog for more on what’s new!

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