610 million – that’s how many professionals use LinkedIn, and 40% of those visit the site daily. Forty-five percent of LinkedIn users are upper management – think “C-Suite” residents; and 57 percent of LinkedIn use is on mobile devices.

Professionals visit LinkedIn to find resources, to learn, to network.

As an independent professional – consultant, advisor, marketer, agent, writer, designer, photographer, planner, producer  – are you maximizing LinkedIn? Are you doing everything you can to make LinkedIn work hard for you?

Here are three simple ways to make the most of LinkedIn.

  1. Share your voice. Magnify your LinkedIn presence through sharing your stories. Publish short, meaningful, lesson-driven insights to position yourself as the go-to expert in your domain.Monitor shares and engagement, and iterate topics that resonate within your network and beyond.
  2. Use notifications to re-engage with contacts.LinkedIn provides a daily way for you to stay connected to your contacts.Take the time to go through your notifications, birthdays, new jobs, anniversaries, etc. and respond privately with a word of congratulations or support. This simple act of response will privately restart your connection with contacts, and lead to meaningful re-engagement.
  3. Put the Link in LinkedInImagine this.A corporate marketing director is looking for a video producer. The marketer turns to LinkedIn and starts searching connections. The marketer finds your profile and is ready to schedule a client consult right then and there. But, there’s no easy way to schedule. They move on.  You’ve lost the assignment.Don’t ever lose a LinkedIn prospect again. Make scheduling easy by embedding a Woven Scheduling Link into your LinkedIn profile. Go here to learn how.

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