The weekly calendar is one of the core functions of Woven. Woven is innovative in several ways, but one feature that has people talking is the ability to view any number of days at a time (up to 50) or any particular time period. Of course, most people are perfectly content with the seven-day weekly view, and so that is one of Woven’s default templates. Learn what you can do with the weekly calendar view and explore other options as well.

Map Out Your Week

Though it is common for busy professionals and individuals to plan engagements at least a month out, many find it handy to map out their entire week via one condensed calendar view. Break your week up into time segments in which you schedule broader plans (i.e., Go grocery shopping, workout, schedule a team meeting, etc.), or use narrower hour slots to set aside time for specific tasks (lunch with client, doctor’s appointment and soccer practice). Use the weekly view to see what you have coming up and to better manage your time without fear of overlap.

Share Your Weekly Calendar With Others

Just like with a single task, monthly calendar or personalized schedule, you can share your weekly view with coworkers, higher ups, friends and family members. Make your calendar view-only so that no one can mess with your scheduled events, or offer the ability for others to add events to your calendar where they see availability.

Broaden Your View of the Weekly Calendar


Seamlessly switch between a weekly and monthly calendar view with a single click. The monthly view gives you a brief overview of the entire month to help you better schedule without conflict. This view also offers a handy scrolling feature that lets you scroll through any given day of the month to see what you have scheduled without having to drill into the event. To use this feature, just hover over the day in question.

Custom Calendar Views (other than Weekly)

There may be weeks when the seven-day calendar doesn’t work for you. For instance, when you’re on vacation, you may want to keep a schedule that doesn’t remind you of your impending annual review or that your mortgage payment is due. Create a custom calendar view for specific periods of your life that warrant a calendar a little less conventional than the one you use on an everyday basis. Below are a few ideas to get you started:

  • An Advent Calendar: Countdown to your favorite holiday, birthday, an upcoming vacation or a relationship landmark with a digital advent calendar. Use the calendar to remind yourself of what you need to do or get leading up to the event.
  • Pay Homage to the Beatles: If you’re a Beatles fan, honor the eight-day week.
  • Shorten Your Week: If you’re more of a Star Wars fan, use the Galactic Standard Calendar’s five-day week view. (Might we suggest doing away with Monday and Tuesday?)
  • Plan Out a Big Project: If a current or looming project requires a significant amount of your time, use a custom calendar to plan and keep track of tasks associated with just that project. Not only is doing so a great way to organize your to-dos and your time but also, it can help keep you on track to meet the specified deadline.
  • Track the Phases of the Moon: If live by the moon, create a calendar that documents the phases of the moon every 30 days. Bear in mind that if you live by this calendar, you will need to adjust it every two months to account for the 29.5 day lunar cycle.
  • Plan Your Hanukah Activities: The holidays can be overwhelming. Take the hassle out of them by using a single calendar to plan out the eight days of Hanukah and how you plan to spend them. To ensure everyone is on the same page, share a link to the calendar with those near and dear to you.

Creating your own custom calendar view is easy. Navigate to the address bar and add (or change) the “period=” to the number of days you want to view. Then, change the start day by inputting the YYYY-MM-DD into the “start=” field.

Now, this part is important: Custom calendar views are only accessible via custom links. If you want to be able to access your advent calendar or Galactic Standard schedule again, bookmark the link and/or share it with those to whom you want to grant access. Once you click away to your traditional (Read: Boring) monthly or weekly calendar, you won’t be able to access your custom calendar via the Woven platform again.

Other Handy Features of Woven’s Weekly Calendar

Regardless of the type of calendar view you prefer, you can trust that when you use Woven as your go-to scheduling tool, you will have access to a number of convenient features. Each is integral of the Woven platform and easy to use.

Smart Templates

Initial client consultations, board meetings, lunch dates, coffee, sales analytics … There are certain engagements that repeat weekly and that utilize the same basic information (time, place, people, etc.). Stop wasting precious time filling in the blanks of any given meeting and make a template for meeting types. Though saving a few minutes each time you need to schedule an event seems insignificant, those minutes can add up to hours each month.

Scheduling Links

Are you tired of the back and forth that comes with trying to communicate your availability? Use Scheduling Links to share your availability with those who seek it the most. When a person schedules an event through your link, the event will automatically populate into your weekly calendar. You can use Scheduling Links to share all of your availability or to share select available time slots. (For instance, you may want to limit free consultations to just five hours a week. Once five one-hour consultations have been scheduled, your calendar will no longer show availability to potential clients.)

Group Polls

Friendiversaries. Family vacations. Whole or multi-department meetings. High school reunions. There are dozens of life events that require you to get multiple people into one area at one time. Trying to coordinate times that work best for everyone can prove to be difficult, especially if you’re trying to communicate via multiple platforms, such as email, text and phone. Woven takes the headache out scheduling large groups by offering Group Polls.

Group Polls allow you to quickly narrow down a time that works for everyone without having to do much more than create a poll and hit send. Once the poll is out in the digital realm, Woven does the rest. Participants can indicate days and times they are and are not available. As each recipient responds to the poll, Woven will update the calendar with his or her availability. When the last person responds, Woven will select a period that works for everyone and schedule the event on your behalf.

Even better, because Woven is integrated with the rest of your calendars, there is no need for you to refer to multiple schedules to determine your own availability. This integration also keeps you from double-booking, as Woven is hardwired to identify conflicts and inform you of them.

iOS Integrations

iOS Integrations is one of the newest Woven features and was developed in response to user demand. With iMessage and Siri Shortcuts, you can schedule with ease through your iOS device. If you think of an event or task you need to schedule while you’re on the go, ask Siri to create the event and send out invites via Scheduling Links. You can also ask Siri to use a Smart Template for more complex events that involve multiple participants and details.

My Time

At Woven, we know that the events of your life don’t seamlessly fall into one category. You have work, kids, spouse, family, in-laws, friends and personal time, just to name a few more specific categories. How do you make sure you evenly distribute your time while still leaving some for yourself?

Woven believes in balance, hence My Time. My Time is an intelligent feature that knows which calendars represent your specific categories of time. It also intelligently manages each schedule when searching for availability. For instance, your personal calendar may say you have three hours free on Saturday, but there’s no need for your mother-in-law to know that. Your work schedule may tell clients that you’re busy on Friday afternoon, but it won’t say why (Hey, you promised your kid ice-cream after school!). My Time merges with all your other calendars, making it easy for you to identify conflicts and leave time open for those events (and people) that matter most.

Give Woven a Try

You may be in the market for a digital weekly calendar that can help you map out your week in the most efficient way possible. However, when you sign up for Woven, you’ll discover scheduling convenience you didn’t know you wanted or even needed. Sure, you’ll use the standard seven-day calendar to manage much of your time, but when vacation season rolls around, or when the holidays are upon you, you’ll find yourself itching to try the 10-day calendar view or Woven’s advent calendar. Once you try other views, you may decide to ditch the seven-day calendar forever — or not. Whatever the case, you, like so many others, will wonder how you survived without Woven in the first place. Now go ahead. Give Woven a try today.

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