It’s been four weeks since our launch and we’ve been hard at working making Woven even better! I’m excited to share several new features, and I want to share a sneak peek at what’s coming next. I also want to say, “thank-you” again, to all of you early Woven users – it’s your excellent feedback that is driving us to make Woven better and better.

Here are some of the features and enhancements added to Woven this week:

  • Keyboard Shortcuts – One of our goals is to make the calendar as quick and efficient as possible. The web version of Woven now supports keyboard shortcuts to make creating new meetings a snap. Here are some of the shortcuts we’ve added:

C = Create new draft

T = Go to today

G = Focus calendar date search field (in header)

W = Show week view

D = Show day view (columns)

L = Show day view (map)

4 = Show 4-day view

2 = Show 2-week view

P = Previous date period (e.g. day, week)

N = Next date period

Let us know what you think, or if there are other shortcuts you’d like to see!

  • More Maps Enhancements – To make Maps easier to find and use, we’ve added a Mini-map to the details view on our web product. Clicking on the Mini-map from within any draft or scheduled event will open the full Maps view so you can see how that meeting fits within your daily schedule.
  • Improvements to Shared Scheduling  – One of the most powerful features of Woven is the ability to collaboratively schedule events. We’ve made Shared Scheduling even easier to find and use in the following ways:Events in your Drafts list which are shared will show up as “Guest Scheduling”

We’ve changed the details view to make the link sharing option easier to see and use:

We are continuing to work on the user experience for Shared Scheduling to make it even easier and more powerful. We will be sharing some exciting updates on Shared Scheduling in a couple of weeks!

  • Participant Recommendations  – Woven will now suggest participants you might want to add to an event. Participants are based on your calendar history. This is the first of many new recommendations to come. These will get increasingly intelligent based on your preferences and other activity in Woven.

In addition to the changes we’ve made on our web product, we’ve also made several new and exciting changes to our mobile app.  These include:

  • Map-based Location Searching – Want to understand which Starbucks to meet someone at or where that restaurant is for your lunch meeting relative to your other meetings? Woven now supports the ability to search for locations on the map when you are scheduling a new event. Check it out!
  • Support for Waze – We now support Waze as a navigation option in addition to Google and Apple Maps.

Finally, on both of our applications, we continue to make lots of enhancements on the UI and User Experience.  

A quick preview on things we are working on next:

  • Support for other countries – We are working on adding Canada and Australia first, and are looking at over a dozen other countries next.
  • More recommendationsWoven is getting smarter and more intelligent by the day.  It will soon be able to make recommendations for participants based on who else you are meeting with.  It will also make smart recommendations on location based on your calendar history.  
  • Something REALLY Amazing – Woven’s intelligence is based on the Woven Graph Engine, and we are working on a new package of features that will totally transform how you think about meetings.  Want a sneak peek? We are currently doing product testing with a select group of people.  Send us an e-mail if you’d like to join this test group.

Everything we’re doing is intended to make Woven a better product for you, and we LOVE your feedback.  Please keep it coming. Send us an email with ideas and suggestions to support@woven.com.

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