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Today, we’re excited to announce the biggest change to Woven since we launched in 2016. 

We’re dropping the Beta and introducing a Premium version of Woven.

I started Woven because I was tired of feeling like my calendar was controlling (and ruining) my life. The vision for Woven is to be the best app to help sync all your calendars in one place so you can see what your actual life looks like – and make time for what matters most. 

This matters more now than ever before. Many of us have been thrown into the world of remote workover the past 6 months. With personal and professional lives competing for the same time and space more than ever – we need a way to manage our time in a way that helps us not just do more, but do more of the right things.

In our team alone, we have multiple team members now juggling their roles as parents, teachers, and employees. Using Woven they’re easily able to see their real availability across all areas of their life and make time for the things that matter.

This is why we’re so excited for the next stage of Woven.

Introducing Woven Premium

Today we’re officially dropping the “beta” from Woven and announcing a new tier of Woven – titled Woven Premium. With Woven Premium, you’ll get powerful new features to help you save even more time including: 

Open Invite Webinar Hosting

Introducing Open Invite. Now whether you’re hosting your own business webinars, virtual happy hours or online fitness classes, can create hosted events directly from their respective calendars. Dubbed Woven “open invites” – users can initiate events and let users sign up or register based on their interest.

Expanded Keyboard Scheduling Support

Our popular iMessage app integration is the best way to schedule on the go. Now, we’re releasing a keyboard companion. This functionality takes Woven’s mobile scheduling ability beyond just iMessage and into every app professionals use throughout the day. No matter what app you’re using, you can quickly access Woven’s scheduling keyboard making it easier to schedule, collaborate and ensure users spend time well, no matter where you are or what Apple device you’re using. 

Smart Templates w/ Smart Titles

Woven’s smart templates have been upgraded with smart titles. Now users can easily create templates for events that automatically update with participant, location or company information so users always have the right event context at the ready.

Custom Usernames & Public Scheduling Links

Woven Premium lets you take the power of scheduling links and kicks it up a notch with public scheduling links along with customized usernames. This makes Woven more powerful than ever as you can publish your availability and let anyone with the link schedule directly with you – all while making your link look professional and personalized with your custom username.

Advanced Analytics

Woven’s built-in analytics now give you more insight than ever on how they spend their time. Premium users can break down exactly how they use their time and find more places to optimize and save their energy so you can stay laser focused and effective.

Unlimited Calendar Sync

Woven’s premium tier supports unlimited Google + Microsoft 365 sync. This allows users with multiple calendars for all parts of their lives to sync it all to one place so that you can see the true picture of how you spend their time. This sets Woven far and apart as the premiere tool for providing users a 360º view of time.

We’re seeing early users save several hours of their life every month by scheduling faster and most importantly – focusing on the things that matter most.

Personally, Woven has made running a startup without an assistant easy – and for an early stage startup – this saves us thousands of dollars every year.

Users who have been testing out Woven Premium are loving it:

Running a startup is very challenging, constantly pulled in different directions. Woven helps me visualize where I’m spending my time, and ensuring I’m on top of what’s vital to my business and in my life. While focusing on what’s crucial to my schedule, I love the “Planning” feature for drafting a meeting prior to having all information. The 1-tap modules give me quick access to add things to an event like conferencing info, etc. Super solid product with amazing support. Highly recommended.

– Van West / Founder, CEO / Vocalytics

Starting today, you can try it for free for 21 days. Check out our premium pricing for the latest details. There will also continue to be a completely free “Woven Basic” account available for those that want it.

What This Means:

Existing users – we know this is a big change so we’re making the transition as seamless as possible. Check your account and your email for a huge surprise and bonus for sticking with us from the early days.

New users – we’re so excited to introduce you to  Woven Premium. Try it for free for 21 days so you have plenty of time to decide what plan is right for you. 

We’re excited to share this with you and can’t wait to see what you think.

As always, everything we do is focused on helping you spend time on what matters most.

Tim Campos
Founder, Woven