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Share your availability

Share your free and busy times securely with those you meet most often — without revealing your calendar details.

Secure, powerful sharing

Woven’s Calendar Graph makes it easy to find times to meet with people in and out of your company. When you share availability, people can see when you’re free or busy and search any upcoming free times. They cannot see the details of your calendar or make any changes to it.

Getting started with Availability Sharing

1. Choose your sharing contacts

When you start using Woven, we’ll ask you if you want to share your calendar with the people you meet with most often. This will let them know whether you are free or busy when they search for times. To add more sharing contacts, select Availability Sharing in the app menu or sidebar. 

We’ll schedule the event without any additional emails, and will notify you. That’s it!

2. Request availability from others

You can request availability from others to help you schedule with them. Once someone shares their availability, you will see the times that work for both of you. 

We’ll schedule the meeting without any additional emails, and will notify you. That’s it!

3. Schedule faster!

When all invitees have shared their availability, scheduling is easy! Select “Find a time” in the event details, and you’ll see all the times that work for everyone.

Need help? 

For help with Availability Sharing, visit our Help Center, email us at help@woven.com, or chat with us.

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