Group Polls

Easily coordinate events with groups of people, right from your calendar.

Get your group together today with Woven’s built-in Group Polls!

Fast and professional

Woven Group Polls are appropriate for a variety of business and personal occasions: team off-sites, dinners, club meetings and more. The modern styling makes Woven Group Polls the best choice for professional scheduling.

There are no ads or confusing sign-up requirements; guests simply mark the times they are available and add their contact information.

Automate the busywork of scheduling

Once you activate your poll, Woven does the rest: collecting votes, reporting back poll status to you, and tallying responses.

When all the votes are in, you make the final decision on which time to select and schedule.

Right where you need it

Group polls are integrated with your Woven calendar so you don’t need to set up, manage, or pay for additional scheduling apps.

Now you can manage all of our events in one place: the ones already scheduled and the ones you’re still scheduling.

More Questions? 

If you have more questions about Woven Group Polling email us at help@woven.com, or visit the Woven Support Center.

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