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Woven for iOS now fully supports iMessage and Siri Shortcuts. You can use text and voice commands to schedule meetings and manage your time. 

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Woven keeps track of all of the meetings you're scheduling until they are on the calendar.  Archive events while you wait for others to get back to you. Woven even suggests new events you may want to plan based on your email conversations.

More Questions?

If you have more questions on Woven Smart Templates, email us at support@woven.com, or visit the Woven Support site.

Hey Siri, schedule coffee!

Woven for iOS now supports Siri Shortcuts, so you can interface with Woven purely through voice commands. Here are some examples of what you can do:

  • Assign a voice command to any Woven Smart Template. "Hey Woven - schedule a coffee meeting..."
  • Automatically propose calendar times to a guest: "Hey Siri, suggest times for dinner with...."
  • Automatically schedule an event based on first available time for participants.

And, much more.  Learn more here. 

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iMessage and scheduling...finally a match!

All of us are avid texters. It's fast, it's immediate and it eliminates the hassles of scheduling emails. 

Now, with Woven's full support of iMessage, you  can quickly offer event and meeting times to others without ever leaving your text thread. 

To get started, download the latest version of Woven for iOS. Then open iMessage and you'll see the orange Woven icon in the iMessage app bar. 

Tap on the Woven icon and your template list will appear. Tap to select a template, and tap again to send. It's that easy. 

To learn more go here.