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The most powerful way to manage your time across multiple calendars. 

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Woven keeps track of all of the meetings you're scheduling until they are on the calendar.  Archive events while you wait for others to get back to you. Woven even suggests new events you may want to plan based on your email conversations.

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Manage Your Time with Confidence with My Time

Most of us have access to multiple types of calendars: we manage the time on our personal and work calendars, and we may have access to other calendars for informational purposes only. Co-worker calendars, group and team calendars, holiday and birthday calendars and others, are most likely calendars we use for information only.

Woven, unlike other calendars, differentiates between these two types of calendars. In Woven, calendars representing the time you control and manage are called My Time. 

When setting up Woven, you will be prompted to designate those calendars representing your personal time as My Time calendars. This tells Woven to intelligently manage conflicts and merge time commitments across these calendars.  

With the intelligence of MyTime, you can be assured that all of your calendar time is taken into account when sharing suggested meeting times, using Woven Scheduling Links and managing your day. 

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