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We offer free 1:1 private and personalized onboarding sessions to help you learn how to use Woven exactly as you need it. 

Each session includes a walk-through of solutions that help you plan, schedule, and manage your time in one place. 

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What our customers have to say

Yesterday, I shared about Woven reimagining your Google Calendar experience. Today, I had a pleasant surprise with MY experience with them.

After signing-up yesterday, there was a prompt to schedule an onboarding call, which I thought I didn’t need because I already onboarded myself by watching a lot of videos and playing with it. I still scheduled it anyway.

I went to the call expecting it to be pre-recorded. To my surprise, there was a REAL PERSON talking to me, ready to walk me through the basics.

It was a pleasant surprise because it was the first time I was onboarded on a FREE service by a REAL PERSON.

I think it’s because they’re still in their beta version, maybe not a lot people use Woven right now, or their customer service is just outstanding.

Whatever it is, I’m one happy user. Give it a try, and experience the same personalized service.

Noemi Jianna Benitez

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