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Save time, schedule faster, reduce emails

Transform your scheduling with Woven Scheduling Links. With the ease of Woven, you can create one-time or public links, with your time availability intelligently embedded. 

Your guests simply click on the link and select the most convenient time from those you offer. 

The meeting is scheduled without sending emails or having further discussion. And it's all done with Woven intelligently managing the coordination on your behalf. 

Most scheduling tools only let you share the same public links with everyone.

Woven lets you create custom scheduling links for individual meetings. Personalize the event details as much as you like, and send it to the person you'd like to meet with. Once they schedule it, the link is private to just the participants.


Woven keeps track of all of the meetings you're scheduling until they are on the calendar.  Archive events while you wait for others to get back to you. Woven even suggests new events you may want to plan based on your email conversations.

See your Availability Windows in real-time, as you set them to share with others. Woven intelligently updates your availability across all your My Time designated calendars, smartly managing conflicts and merging requests. 

More Questions? 

If you have more questions about Woven Scheduling Links, email us at, or visit the Woven Support site.

No More Scheduling Wars

Eliminate scheduling emails for good, and without having to manage, or pay for, a second calendaring tool. 

Calendar link tools were first introduced to let others more easily schedule with you. But, because these tools live outside your day-to-day calendar, they have become an extra burden - another calendar tool to manage, and pay for. 

Now, with Woven, experience Scheduling Links as they should be - fully integrated into your Woven calendar, easy to use and manage. 

Integrated with Woven Smart Templates

The same Woven Smart Templates you use for scheduling can be published as Scheduling Links for others to use.

Just enable "Publish as a Scheduling Link" in the template settings, choose your URL, and save changes. Now anyone with that link can easily schedule with you--new customers and clients, partners, or colleagues--whether they use Woven or not.

Publish Your Scheduling Links 

Real-time Availability Windows

Woven Scheduling Links can easily be published to share with others. Ideal for consultants, designers, photographers, wedding planners, real estate agents and others who want the convenience of offering available times to guests, all without leaving Woven. 

Share your Woven Scheduling Link via text with Woven's iMessage app, or publish on a web page, in an email or send via slack or other instant messaging service. 

Scheduling Links

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Scheduling Links

A Scheduling Link experience like none other, fully integrated with Woven Calendar, designed to handle the complexity of today's scheduling demands.

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