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Give customers and colleagues the convenience of scheduling with a single click, eliminating email back and forth

2. Set your Availability Window

4. Share your Scheduling Link

3. Publish as a Scheduling Link

1. Create a Woven Smart Template

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Each Woven Scheduling Link is associated with a Smart Template that defines the event type, associated details and  your calendar availability.

For instance, start by creating a "Client Consult" template. Or, if you commonly book Lunch meetings, create a "Lunch" template.

Availability windows define the times you will make available for a specific event type or template.

For instance, for the "Lunch" template, you may define Monday through Friday, 11:30 - 1:30 as your Availability Window.  Or for a "Client Consultation", you could define Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays only, from 9:00 am - 11:00 am.

Select "Publish as a Scheduling Link" to create a persistent, dedicated link (URL) for that event template. 

Woven lets you choose between two options for scheduling: 

  • Schedule any available time  - Lets people schedule any free time on your calendar, within the availability you’ve set.
  • Suggest times  - Guests can request available meeting times but do not schedule directly. Woven notifies you when a request is made so you make the final decision about if and when you'd like to schedule. 


Woven keeps track of all of the meetings you're scheduling until they are on the calendar.  Archive events while you wait for others to get back to you. Woven even suggests new events you may want to plan based on your email conversations.

Once you have customized your Scheduling Link, you are ready to share it and let others schedule with you.

You can send the link via email or messaging apps, post it on your website or on your social media profile, or include it in your email signature and documents.

More Questions?

If you have more questions on Woven Scheduling Links, email us at support@woven.com, or visit the Woven Support site.

Creating your first Scheduling Link

For the first time, fully integrated Scheduling Links

With Woven, Scheduling Links are fully integrated with your calendar--a single tool for all of your scheduling needs.

Full integration also means your available times are continuously updated, in real-time, across all your Woven calendars - work and personal. 

And Woven puts you in control - you can choose to review and approve each meeting request before scheduling is complete. 

No other meeting link solution offers this level of power and convenience.  

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