Woven keeps track of all of the meetings you're scheduling until they are on the calendar.  Archive events while you wait for others to get back to you. Woven even suggests new events you may want to plan based on your email conversations.

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If you have more questions on Woven Smart Templates, email us at, or visit the Woven Support site.

Scheduling Links let others quickly book time with you

Woven makes it easy to associate a dedicated, public Scheduling Link with each Smart Template.

 For instance, you could create a Client Consultation template that you use for directly scheduling on the calendar, and also create a link for that template that lets others pick a time when you're available.

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Designed to help with the meetings you schedule most often

Coffee, lunch, design review, client consultation, board meeting, marketing sync, sales meeting...Most people have a few types of meetings that they repeat often, with the same basic details each time.

For instance, you may always schedule your coffee meetings at the same coffee shop. Or you prefer client consultations on Monday and Wednesday between 2-5 pm. 

Woven Smart Templates let you create a template for each common meeting type. You can customize the meeting details, including your time preferences, then select the template during scheduling to quickly prefill that information and find matching times.

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