Woven Calendar for Nonprofits

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The #1 Calendar for Nonprofits

The average nonprofit organization saves 5 hours every month scheduling with Woven

Woven for Nonprofits

Woven helps non-profits and for-purpose organizations around the world communicate and collaborate better so you can be more effective and make a larger impact in the communities and people you touch on a daily basis.

Your Work & Life in One Place

We know you. Your work bleeds into your life and now Woven lets you sync both your work and your personal calendars in one place os you can see what your time really looks like. With Woven, you get a 360º view of what your actual time looks like so you can make the best decisions on how to use it.

Impact The World, Anywhere In The World

Connect face-to-face with our native Zoom integration. Whether you’re impacting people around the corner or around the world, our simple integration with video conferencing tools makes it easy to instantly connect with your team and supporters around the world.

Change The Way You View Your Time

The calendar used to be a way to see your week. Now it’s a way to see your time. With helpful views like “Home” which gives you snapshots of your upcoming events for the day or “map view” which literally maps out your day for you – Woven is the easiest way to visualize your time and see how you’re going to spend your day.

Collaborate Instantly & Anyway You Want

You’re more than an organization, you’re a team. With multiple ways to schedule and collaborate on meeting times, Woven is the easiest way to make your team feel connected while still syncing on the right issues. Schedule via one-off link, published link, or a group poll, your team can find the best way to work together.

More Time For Impact

Woven helps you see where you spend time so you can spend time on the things that impact your organization and your community the most. Make more time for impact and less time for the things that pull away from your vision. Woven helps you make more time to make a bigger impact.

Woven works everywhere you do

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