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Woven for Project Managers

When you’re managing a project, the ability to meet with the right people at the right times to keep your project on track is critical to your project’s success. That’s exactly why a calendar is your best friend for keeping things on track. 

You’re overseeing meetings, deadlines, resources, progress, and more, and not being able to manage and track your time across multiple project schedules and calendars makes that job a whole lot tougher.

Woven is designed from the ground up to give Project Managers the powerful tools they need to schedule meetings, manage events, and track their time. Here’s how:

Schedule Project Team Meetings in Moments, not Minutes.

Project Teams need to meet for a variety of reasons over the course of months or even years in some cases. You can schedule project team meetings twice as fast by creating a template that have all the team members setup as attendees, conferencing information already added, and even the Private Tags you need to better track and report your time. Use a project team Smart Template every time you need to meet with your team and save hours of time over the course of a project.

Find the Optimal Meeting Time for Your Team – Fast.

Coordinating vendor meetings with your project team can take more time than it needs to…valuable time you can’t get back.  With Group Polls, you can have a diverse group of people (inside and outside your organization) let you know what times they can meet so you can quickly find the optimal time for everyone to schedule an important meeting.

Allow Vendors to Quickly Schedule a Meeting with You

As a Project manager, people from across your project team, outside vendors, and contractors are vying for your time.  Give anyone inside or outside your company the ability to book a meeting with you (on the days and during the hours you choose), just by clicking a link.  No more responding to emails and phone calls asking when you can meet.

Track Your Time Automatically with Private Tags

In Woven you can create and use Private Tags that can be added to any event or meeting on your Woven calendar.  These tags are then used by our Analytics feature to give you insight into how much time you spent in meetings are working on project specific events over the past week or month.  Have your project team use Woven and Project Time Accounting for your entire team will never easier!

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