The Woven Story

We started Woven to reimagine how people use time, so they can spend time on what matters most to them. Our vision begins with scheduling, but it extends well beyond that.

The Woven calendar app makes shared scheduling much easier, a first step along the way to better managing your time. The app pulls together every stage of the calendar lifecycle – planning, scheduling, preparation, meeting, and follow-up – and puts it into a smart, cohesive view. It uses AI and a rich calendar graph engine to create Woven Events that are plans for how you want to use your time.

Woven Events connect people collaboratively and  bring together any set of information like emails, Google Docs, conference links, maps and more, adding enriched capabilities to existing calendaring systems like G Suite. Read more about our vision or sign up now – it’s free.


Tim Campos

Co-founder and CEO

Facebook CIO, 2010-2016. Board member, Rackspace & Viavi

Burc Arpat

Co-founder and CTO

Facebook and Google engineering leader. AI practitioner for 20+ years.


Powered by the Woven Calendar Graph

Woven is built on a dynamic calendar graph that supports:

  • Adding any kind of information to events

  • Managing availability sharing between users

  • Collaboration on any event at any time

  • Intelligence and scheduling assistance