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Our Story

Have you ever felt like your calendar was the boss of your time?

“My calendar didn’t help me do the things that were important,” says Tim Campos, Woven co-founder and former CIO at Facebook. “Things would get planned way in advance, but they wouldn’t reflect what I actually needed to do that week. It was chaos.”

Co-founder Burc Arpat, a former senior engineering manager at Facebook and Google, was also frustrated with his calendars: the disappearing meeting rooms, expired invitations, flood of emails. “One time, I missed an important meeting that didn’t get on the calendar,” Burc says, “and I realized that the calendar itself wasn’t helping me at all. It was embarrassing!”

Our calendars created more work, but didn’t tell us how we needed to invest our time.

We wished our calendars actually helped us get things done. We wanted:

  • To see and schedule all our work/personal events in one place
  • To block time for heads-down, uninterrupted work
  • To plan out our ideal week before diving in on Monday morning
  • To stop the “let me just send you a few free time slots” email tug-of-war with people
  • To actually get better at managing time, by seeing where it goes every week

But above all, we wished scheduling were easier.

That’s why we started Woven.


Tim Campos

Co-founder and CEO

Facebook CIO, 2010-2016. Board member, Rackspace & Viavi

Burc Arpat

Co-founder and CTO

Facebook and Google engineering leader. AI practitioner for 20+ years.