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Whether it's scheduling a complex meeting or tracking what's important - at home or at work, Woven works hard to keep you productive and organized.

Calendars reimagined


Woven visualizes calendar events on a map and automatically determines how much travel time is necessary between locations to help people plan their days.  Woven can block time on the calendar to reserve time needed to travel to and from an event.

Shared Scheduling

Woven includes a virtual scheduling assistant that will help you find times or schedule meetings.  To activate the Woven Assistant, just include a phrase like “@woven find times next week for lunch” in an email and Woven does the hard work for you.

The Woven app manages availability, scheduling activity, and event updates across both work and personal calendars to help avoid conflicts and enable people to better manage work and personal time.  

My Time

Woven Assistant

A new way to think about meetings

Plan ahead

Woven events can represent a meeting before a time is set.


Woven events are collaborative and enable sharing.


Woven events integrate all meeting essentials in one place: emails, location, participants, agenda & more


Woven events exist on top of and synchronize with existing calendars

Available everywhere you need it


Desktop & mobile

G Suite

Compatible with

Office 365

Coming soon

“I spend a significant amount of time suggesting times to each client and going back and forth. Woven has changed this for me, freeing up a measurable and useful amount of time in my own schedule for active client work.”

Anna Addoms

small business owner in Denver, CO

"I'm always looking for ways to work
more quickly and manage meetings more efficiently, and Woven made sense to me immediately.”

Mike Simonsen

founder and CEO, Altos Research

We’re launching Woven to reimagine how people use time, so they can spend time on what matters most to them. Our vision starts with scheduling, but it extends well beyond that.

The Woven Story

Weaves connect people collaboratively around an event, bringing together any set of information like emails, Google Docs, maps and more, adding enriched capabilities to existing calendaring systems like G-Suite. Read more about our vision or sign up now – it’s free.


Tim Campos

Co-founder and CEO

Facebook CIO, 2010-2016. Board member, Rackspace & Viavi

Burc Arpat

Co-founder and CTO

Ex-Facebook, ex-Google engineer.  
AI practitioner for 20+ years.


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Woven - The intelligent calendar for busy professionals

The Woven calendar app makes shared scheduling much easier, a first step along the way to better managing your time. The app pulls together every stage of the calendar lifecycle – planning, scheduling, preparation, meeting, and follow-up – and puts it into a smart, cohesive view. It uses AI and a rich calendar graph engine to create “weaves”, or plans for how the user wants to spend her time.

Syncs with Google and G Suite calendars

Woven users can collaborate on the time and location of events via any medium -- email, text, Slack, or other messaging platforms. Shared scheduling eliminates the back and forth of scheduling and helps everyone have access to relevant information before, during, and after meetings and events.